Who is Van?
Van has had a colorful past.  From training and showing high-powered
show horses and dogs, to running his own business for over 20 years.  
His experiences have taken him all over the country developing his
clientele.  Van moved to Chicago from Denver in 1990 to pursue
training and showing horses while developing his design style.  Later,
he was a designer with a Lincoln Park design firm for numerous years,
before leaving to begin Design Decision Ltd.  The newest chapter in
Van's life has begun with the move of his primary residence to
Scottsdale, Arizona.  It has been Van's goal to return to the Valley of
the Sun and continue to grow his business there.  All the while
maintaining his great clients in Illinois. Van's interiors have been
featured on Fox News Chicago and in the recently published coffee
table book Spectacular Homes of Chicago.  His sense of color, texture,
and unique fabric combinations set him apart from the rest.  He is
able to read and interpret his client's wants and needs in order to give
them the space of their dreams.  Coming from an extensive customer
service background, Van is always there for his clients.  There is no
request too large or small for him to satisfy.  Casual elegance is the
phrase that best describes his style.  Van's interiors are not cold or
fussy, just comfortable, with a certain 'wow' factor.  His goal is to
create an environment that has an "acquired", not purchased feel.